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 Acting like a homeless person

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Ariana Rayne
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Acting like a homeless person Empty
PostSubject: Acting like a homeless person   Acting like a homeless person EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 2:22 am

Ariana sat on the side of the street. She leaned up against the wall of a small boutique and pulled out her notebook. Ariana smiled then began to write her play. So far the script was 6 pages long and had a pretty good plot line. Ariana hoped she would be able to cast roles and have her play presented infront of the whole school.
Looking up from her work, Ariana realized that she probably looked like a homeless person. Smiling awkwardly, she started to gather her things. Before she stood up to leave a boy came up to her and handed her a 5 dollar bill

"For your troubles." He said

"But I'm not-" Ariana started but then realized that the boy had ran off

Ariana looked down at the dollar bill. It was slightly torn and looked like it had been through a tough time

"Eh, I'll just keep the 5 bucks 'For my troubles'" Ariana muttered
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Acting like a homeless person
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